Friday, 19 August 2011

Testing out the.......

sewing machine tonight.
My 18 month old son has outgrown his little cot pillow but not his cot and cot duvet. So now we had a duvet cover with no matching pillow case. Seen as he will be using the cot for another 6 months ish I wasn't to keen on mismatching with a plain large pillow case. So out came the machine :)
Pillow Cases Before:

It is a little wobbly but as a first attempt I am pleased. I had to completely unstitch both cases, sew the small pillow case fabric to the large then sew the large back together again-phew!!  He has a similar set in blue that I will do once it is washed, I will learn from my mistakes and hopefully have no wobbly bits!

Also today my little nephew (20 months) came to play with my boys (3yrs and 18 months)  so we decided to do a bit of baking and look what we made. We had so much fun and they tasted DELICIOUS!! 

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