Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I have gotten a little further since my last post on Around the World. I have just started part 5 and it is stitching up quicker than I thought it might. It spurred me on to pull out a poor abandoned UFO. My Owl in Flight,It has been an on and off ufo for years now so I made an effort to give it some tlc for a few hours over the last couple of weeks, who knows I may finish it one day ;)

I have however gotten completely side tracked (as usual haha!) by a cute, cute hat!  I saw a picture of a baby wearing a crocheted sun hat and just HAD to make one.
Slight problem though- I can't crochet!! So I spent 2 evening glued to youtube watching how to videos. Once I thought I had the hang of it I went in search for a (free) Sun hat pattern. The search lead me here to a fantastic blog http://mymerrymessylife.com/ with some real lovely ideas! I chose to do the Granny Square sunhat, and I could actually do it!
So here it is, my first ever crochet project finished and modelled by my beautiful bubba

I just added a decorative chain stitch in pink around the edge and may make some crochet flowers too.  I am now a massive fan of crochet! It is actually very easy once it 'clicks' and so speedy! I am now planning lots more, although my stitching will still be my main focus ;)