Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Sneaky New WIP

I know I'm not meant to be starting any new ones until my HAED is finished and I now have a new little pile of To Do's but some members of the forum are starting a new Stitch Along. Some of you may be fimilar with Papillon Creations and their stitch alongs. The last one was Castles In The Air and was fantastic, I really kicked myself for not joining in! This time they are doing Around The World In 80 stitches, basically they release parts of the chart every month ( I think) and it will be based on stitches from around the world. So I will be learning lots of new speciality stitches :)  I will go into more detail when its nearer to starting but if you want to join in check it out their website:here and sign up for their newsletter!!

On a personal note I will be joining Weight Watchers next week and think I will post my weigh ins here just as an extra incentive, so please get ready to cheer me on :D

Monday, 12 March 2012

My First Quilt Top

I am now waiting for the rest of my fabric order so I can finish this! I feel very nervous about quilting it!

It isn't perfect but I am very happy with it and can't wait to see it finished and in my son pirate themed bedroom! I love the colours together too!
I plan to finish a bit more of my HAED before I start the Dinosaur quilt.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

UFO Week Progress

I only managed one evening on my UFO this week as I have been piecing my first quilt together :) But I have now re-stitched all that I had to frog and more, YAY!
It funny how that sort of problem can over shadow a project. I almost scrapped this entirely but didn't because I paid so much for the kit! I certainly haven't wanted to stitch it and have been reluctant even on the UFO weeks. As soon as I re-stitched the bit that had to be frogged though I started to really enjoy it again!!! I can't wait for the next UFO week!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

It's arrived!!

It actually arrived on Wednesday but this has been the first chance I have had to post :)
I am still waiting for the backing fabric and some plain blue fabric which will be sent when its back in stock!
This one will be Williams for his pirate themed bedroom.
And this one for Thomas and his dino themed bedroom.

I have started Williams first and have just finished all the cutting, which only took two evenings. I will startt machine sewing it together this evening- I am so nervous though, if it goes terribly wrong I have spent ALOT of money.... gulp!

My stitching has gone on hold whilst I concentrate on this one. Then I will finish my page of HAED before I start the next one!