Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Sneaky New WIP

I know I'm not meant to be starting any new ones until my HAED is finished and I now have a new little pile of To Do's but some members of the forum are starting a new Stitch Along. Some of you may be fimilar with Papillon Creations and their stitch alongs. The last one was Castles In The Air and was fantastic, I really kicked myself for not joining in! This time they are doing Around The World In 80 stitches, basically they release parts of the chart every month ( I think) and it will be based on stitches from around the world. So I will be learning lots of new speciality stitches :)  I will go into more detail when its nearer to starting but if you want to join in check it out their website:here and sign up for their newsletter!!

On a personal note I will be joining Weight Watchers next week and think I will post my weigh ins here just as an extra incentive, so please get ready to cheer me on :D

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