Finishes from 2004-2011

This is a collection of finishes from 2004 to 2010. Sadly I haven't got pictures of everything especially all the Christmas cards I have made over the years!
Humphreys Corner FAIRY
This was the first kit I completed that had a black&white chart. In the early days I obviously hadn't leant many tricks so never though to use a highlighter and found it really tricky! looking at this I think the leg is the wrong colour!
Odd Job Bear
12 Month Winnie The Pooh
I had stitched these individually without any thought to what I would do with them at the end. I realised that I had no way of displaying them so never finished all 12. I think I will eventually give them away as gifts and maybe stitch the series again as one piece. 


Tiger On the Rocks
January2007-April 2008 
My first BIG finish. I was so proud of this although now all I see is all the mistakes!
Humphreys Corner Summer Retreat
September 2007-January 2008
Michael Powell Pots of Fun
13th-19th April 2008
Garden Glory
19th April-16th June 2008
Humphreys Corner Baby Talk
16th-21st June 2008
A forums ATC (Artist Trading Card) October Theme
August 2008
The forum I used to visit regularly run swaps of ATCs. They have to be 2.5x3.5 inches. We were free to use any count as long as it was the correct size. I designed this myself 
The Night Before Christmas
September 2008
Celebration Sampler
1st February-10th March 2009
We did this on the forum as a group stitch along all making a few changed to personalise it. It was a chart from the World of CrossStitching Magazine and one of the members emailed pictures of our finishes. The article was published and it felt great to see my finished work in the magazine alongside the others!
Joan Elliotts Renaissance Lady
April-October 2009

It seems that I have no pictures from 2010, and its because shockingly I had no finishes!! Just Starts! But I have the valid excuse that I started The Pirate Dragon HAED in 2008, had started the Owl in Flight and Had a baby in 2010 so they all kept me to busy for finishes :) Just check out the main blog to find my current WIPs!


 Culinary Cats
Started: March 2010
Finished: 5th July 2011

Emergency Covers
Started: November 2011
Finished:November 2011

Started: 13th November 2011
Finished:19th November 2011

Xmas Biscornu 
Started: December 2011
Finished: December 2011

Xmas Card
Started:December 2011
Finished:December 2011