Monday, 4 July 2011

Well my husband has had a weeks holiday from work. we can't afford to go away at the moment so we just had a week at home, catching up with some gardening and DIY projects ( and getting back to some serious cross stitch sorting :)) 
He went back to work today... so it was only fair that I got back to housewife duties lol. Only this is what was waiting for me this evening..........
 double Ouch.............................

Only this is only half of it. Note to self, never ever skip a weeks ironing, the magic holiday fairies will not come and do it for you :P 
Luckily my husband has said he will do some tomorrow mmm..... we will see.
So this is the sort of thing that has been keeping me away from stitching, although if I don't get a chance to stitch tomorrow evening then I will 100% get time on Wednesday evening because I refuse to do anything but!!

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