Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Stash Sorting

I've spent the last few evenings sorting my stash cupboard rather than actual stitching. After finding the problem with my Owl in Flight I have been thinking it over and have decided I will have to frog at least the owl... hoping to get away with tweaking the sky around it but I cant quite face it yet! So stash sorting it was. I came across different fabrics and threads and charts that I had sorted for various projects I wanted to start and to be honest should have started and finished in the time that has passed since I first sorted them. Never mind! I'm back to it now at least. I love stash sorting almost as much as stitching itself, all those possibilities in one cupboard, marvellous!

I also came across some treasure in a local charity shop, which I endlessly look through and have only once ever found anything stitchy related! Well my luck was in. There hidden on a low shelf in a dark corner was a Needlecraft subscription folder full of magazines form 1992-1993. I have been reading through them one at a time and although I am yet to see anything im eager to try its fascinating to see how the trends have changed so much in ten years, and how the prices have gone up so much too hehe!

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