Friday, 15 July 2011


I have fished out my HAED (  Pirate Dragon to take some progress pics. Unbelievable I started this about 3years ago, and Its only a quick stitch! I really want to get at least the page im working on finished this year but would really love to get another one done too!

I really love how its looking. The detail is amazing, really worth all of the effort I have put in over the years. I am working 2 threads over 1 on 25hpi Laguna linen.  It took a while to get used to it but I think the coverage is great. I'm not sure I would have felt 100% happy with anything else. I mainly see these designs stitched in tent stitch which would make it a lot quicker but im not planning to do one bigger than this anyway so full cross stitch is perfect. 


Close up of the area im working on


  1. I'm just collecting everything up for my first HAED so I will enjoy watching yours appear. Mine is a Quick Stich too, Angel Sisters, but I have an idea deadline of January '12. Hopefully it won't be unrealistic because it' for a friends 40th. :o

  2. Hi Rachael,Firstly a big thanks for being my first follower :)

    I have just taken a look at your blog and Angel Sisters looks beautiful, such 'delicate' colours! I will be eager to watch your progress, and good luck for the deadline, im sure you will make it ;)